we bridge the language gap

lotos.ag provides translations in any language you require that reflect your goals and company philosophy. We deliver first-rate quality at a fair price. Our native speaker translators are highly trained and work in a wide range of specialist fields, while our many years of translation project management experience guarantee that we can assign the right translator to every project. We communicate with you  to gain an understanding of your target groups and use your in-house terminology to produce translations that effectively address your customers. 

lotos.ag localises  foreign-language texts for your target markets. From currencies and units of measurement to cultural references and idiosyncrasies, we localise your communications to ensure that your websites, brochures and advertising are just as successful in an international environment.

lotos.ag has translations reviewed on a regular basis by an independent third party so that all translators receive the necessary quality feedback.  Translation memories and termbases support our work processes and are an integral part of our quality management ethos. Consistent terminology and the ability to call up passages that have already been translated ensure high-quality texts, even when up against a tight deadline.
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