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TRANSLATION MANAGEMENT project managers, translators, copywriters and editors communicate using our straightforward translation management platform. This ensures that all processes work together seamlessly and that they can be adapted to improve time and quality. You can also participate in this process by using our client portal, which will keep you informed at all times of on-going quotes, projects, deliveries and invoices that we generate for your company.

TRANSLATION MEMORIES works with translation memory systems, which save and then have the capacity to call up every word that we translate for you. Our server-based translation memories can be used by several translators at the same time and be updated in real time.
You benefit by receiving the same, high-quality work, even when on a tight schedule, with consistent translations and a lower price.

TERMBASES creates subject-matter glossaries for you using termbases, which allow our translators to maintain consistent terminology from one project to the next. We integrate your existing glossaries and give you access to our termbase so that you can guarantee linguistic consistency in all company communications.

CMS INTEGRATION / INTERFACES will work with you to develop optimised, lean workflows between your company and our services.
We endeavour to automate work processes as much as possible to lower costs and provide top quality translations and texts with a quick turnaround.